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Anonymous asked:

when do you think its "okay" to lose your virginity


When you know all the ways you can get pregnant. When you know what is a STD. When you can buy condoms without feeling shy. When you can talk about sex with your partner. When you can tell your mom about it normally. When you don’t need to hide anything and when you are in a relationship with someone who respects you. 



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Still pretty proud of my response to this.

I was totally down with the change over already, but not knowing the backstory, this just convinced me so hard that Captain America needs to be a minority right now. 

Before, Marvel said, “This is what you want? Well fuck you, he isn’t going to help you.” 

Now Marvel is saying, “This is who you’re throwing under the bus? Who you’re tossing into prison like he doesn’t mean anything? Who you demonize regularly? Well fuck you, he’s going to save you anyway.”

And as far as the Thor thing, that whole, “If he be worthy part,” yeah, they’re giving the finger to the patriarchy right there saying, “Hey, women are worthy too.”

If these two things were spaced out, I might believe that they were just marketing ploy, but they come so close together at a time where this message is necessary, I can’t help but think that there are people at Marvel who get it and are going with it. 

I mean, if they were willing to fight Hitler during WWII, why not be willing to fight some of the evils of today? 

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